I’m moved!

Hi there, i want you to know that this blog will be abandoned… i’m moving to a new site

Here’s the site: http://fandrey.lucidrine.com/

thank you.


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[WIP] Ashtre – Web Based First Person Engine

I’m trying to make an engine for First-person view games with flash. This engine mimics First-person view in 3D games, but it’s browser-based, yay!

The idea of this engine is the usage of mode7 method, and many, many masks :D. Each mask contains a piece of terrain, and the further the mask is (upper position on the screen), terrain’s scale is became smaller, thus creating a 3D effect.

The navigation of camera was done using a simple trigonometric function, though. There was no collision nor object at this moment. I’ll upgrade this engine later…

Test this engine here!


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VoidGale is Spreading!

Hiya all!

My first game, VoidGale, has start to spread, apparently!

VoidGale is a blend of shooter and Strategy game that takes place in space. You must defend your base against hordes of enemies. Build sentries to fortify your defense, while shooting on your enemies’ Reavers! Quick wits and Multi Tasking skill required!

I’ve published this game JUST SEVERAL MINUTES BEFORE a sponsor bids my game, and i regret my action back then… if only i had more patient…

See Game Page for details about this game!

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